Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Marie-France Pollisard-Vaidya has been a registered massage therapist since 1969 and a physiotherapist since 1974. Her initial training with Françoise Mézières in 1975 was followed by a series of upgrades (1978-2008). She added tissue reflex massage to her skills in 1977. Her practice is influenced by various schools of physical therapy, such as the Alexander and Feldenkreis methods and Dr. Lily Ehrenfried's holistic gymnastics. She has operated her private practice since 1977.
Marie-France has given workshops and conferences both for the public and for health professionals, including a televised interview on Radio-Canada. She has taught the Mézières Method at Université de Sherbrooke.
She has published numerous articles in local health journals and is concerned with prevention in the medical field. Using the personal testimonials of her patients, Marie-France recently published her first book, SOS-POSTURE, (Et si s’était ma solution?) at

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